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Morris Dancing may well be the quirkiest folk dance in England but it is so much fun! The roots of Morris dancing date back to the early 16th century, and later it became attached to village fetes and the famous May Day celebrations. It is a group dance, usually accompanied by specific local music, and there are three different styles of the dance which originate from Cotswold, Border, and the North West. Dancers wear a costume with bells for the performance, and a variety of implements like sticks, swords or handkerchiefs may be used in the choreography. Traditionally it was strictly a man’s dance, however, nowadays the ladies can dance too, either as a group of ladies or in a mixed group. There are many small Morris Sides still existing in the United Kingdom, and it is also very popular in Australia and around the world. These Morris groups are luckily keeping this wonderful English tradition alive. It is an energetic dance and great entertainment to watch or to perform.

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